Obtaining Help For Hearing Loss When Playing In A Band

When someone plays in a rock band, they are constantly putting their hearing at risk due to the loud noise-level often used when performing. There are several steps one can take in this type of situation to help keep their hearing intact.

It is important to wear appropriate hearing protection when playing in a loud environment. There are a variety of noise-reducing earplugs and ear muffs on the market to help with this endeavor. If the person does not want their hearing protection seen, they have the option in selecting flesh-colored plugs or a headband-style ear muff to help keep them secret.

Band members should do their best to position themselves behind speakers when playing or practicing. The level of sound will not be as loud and they can quickly adapt to the way the music sounds from this position. They can simply practice this way over and over to become accustomed to a lower sound.


Having the sound check operator keep volume at a pre-designated level can also be helpful. They can alert the band if the volume is at the desired maximum level so they can switch their performance to play a softer tune. This will allow the volume to be tweaked to a lower setting without the audience realizing this has been done.

If someone in the band is already suffering from sound loss, a trip to an Audiologist would be necessary. They would give the person Hearing Tests to find out how much of their hearing has been eliminated from the volume level they have been using. They will then make recommendations pertaining to what type of treatment can be helpful.

If the sound loss is not yet at a high level, they will recommend that changes are made in the hearing protection used. If the person is suffering from a moderate to high loss of hearing, they may recommend using hearing aids to help regain some of the sounds they are not hearing.These can be used in conjunction with ear protective coverings when playing with the band, and the volume level can be turned down when playing so further damage is not sustained.

When a person would like to have an evaluation from an Audiologist Perth, they do not need to travel far to obtain results needed. Taking a trip to Medical Training is the best way to get answers about hearing loss and to find an appropriate solution to any hearing troubles.